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10 Reasons to Buy a RHI Modular House Over an On Site Built Home

Posted On: Mar-20-2012
By: Riverview Homes Inc., Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

  1. Faster Construction Time: Construction time is often less than half that of a site built house. Modular factories can build as many as 4 completed homes in a day. A Modular Homes can move completely down the assembly line in less than one week in an indoor, controlled factory environment. The foundation and site work can be completed while the modular factory is building the house, further saving time.
  2. Faster On Site Completion: There is far less inconvenience to the neighborhood with modular construction. Site construction creates a great deal of noise and trucks continuously coming in and out of local roads. Modular houses are set in a day or two with little inconvenience to the neighboring area and much less site damage to surrounding property.
  3. Greater Structural IntegrityModular homes can travel hundreds of miles over the highways and are lifted by cranes and set onto the foundation. They are built and designed stronger to handle these extreme conditions. You could not put two bands around a stick built house and pick it up. It would fall apart. Modular homes use up to 30% more lumber than site built, plus sheetrock and sheathing is both glued and screwed, not to mention other superior construction processes.
  4. Lower Construction Finance Costs: Mortgages can be locked in sooner because of the shorter construction time. Thousands of dollars in construction loan interest costs can be saved.modular homes
  5. Less Expensive: Modular factories buy most construction materials in bulk and are able to pass along a savings to the consumer. Labor costs are much more strictly controlled and the savings of assembly line productions are passed along. The cost for refuse removal is substantially reduced as is the loss caused by pilferage of materials at the site and damaged material due to weather issues.
  6. Superior Warranty: Whereas most stick built builders traditionally give the homeowner NO WARRANTY after acceptance, a modular home carries a one year factory warranty, and usually offer a 9 year extended warranty.
  7. Costs Are More Predictable: Construction of modular houses is more predictable. The biggest part of the construction process, the house, is handled under one sales agreement and is placed on site in a very short period of time. There are no change orders on the home once it has been ordered and open ended allowances for the home are not necessary. Both of these can be very costly to the homeowner.
  8. More Environmentally Friendly: There is less wasting of materials. Much of the small cuts of wood can be used for other projects. Left over dry wall is recycled.
  9. Superior Energy Efficiency: The University of Florida, Industrial Engineering and Management Systems recently did a study of the air exchanges of modular vs. site built homes. They found that the average site built home had 11 air exchanges per hour vs. 7 for modular.   Additionally most modular homes are Energy Star Approved or Partners.
  10. Higher Quality:
  • Quality Control Verified At Every Point In The Process
  • Trained Dependable Employees
  • Superior Structural Integrity
  • Building Materials Protected From The Elements
  • Built In A Controlled Environment

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